Furnace Install

Eventually, when it’s time for you to replace your old furnace, you want a system that will offer improved fuel efficiency, a longer lifespan and more advanced controls. For professional installation and expert advice, call Hawkins Heating and Air today.

For years, we’ve offered homeowners throughout the Carson City Nevada area the best Bryant heating solutions on the market and we’d be happy help you review your options as well.

Bryant offers three lines of furnaces, starting with their budget friendly entry line of Legacy Furnaces. While they are more affordable than the higher end models, Legacy furnaces represent a massive upgrade over what you probably currently have in your home.
Bryant Legacy Furnaces.

With a minimum AFUE rating of 80% (meaning the furnace uses 80% of all fuel consumed to produce heat), you’ll likely see an immediate decrease in your energy bills. Combine that with the longevity and durability of Bryant furnaces and you have a great solution for your heating needs.

However, if you need even more heating power and energy efficiency, Bryant offers the Preferred and Evolution lines of furnaces as well.

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